Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This was one of the adventures of Dirk Pitt that make a combination of intrigue and adventure ala Indiana Jones and James Bond combined. Before Dan Brown had written fictional conspiracy of his stories, this was already pulled of in a milder manner. The Alexandrian Library has a catalogue of lost science discoveries and philosophies of the known world that will make anyone who may take hold of it the wealth and power not known to the present world. It may also took custody of the hidden truths that may also destroy our current way of life and understanding. Dirk Pitt's nemesis is a madman who leads a cult in South America and a terrorist organization similar to Al Qaeda. This is one of the action-packed Dirk Pitt adventures that I like. This is the 9th Dirk Pitt adventure published.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Raise The Titanic!

This was the first book of Cussler that became a movie and also the first of Cusler's disappointment. It took Dirk Pitt time to make his part as the hero in the story. If you start reading, it may sound like Gene Seagram was the hero.

The action here conflict here was more of human against nature at first then against the Soviets. The plot was interesting because there was no way in hell people will spend money just to raise the Titanic unless there's a cover up involve that within the cargo lies a radioactive element discovered during that time that is vital to the defense program of the Cold War against the Soviets.

It was a race against time that will keep the reader gripping on first read. This was written by Cussler before it was inspired explorers to look for the Titanic. It was not like the actual Titanic that discovered later that was broken in four but there were accuracies in the fictional book.

Cussler's Titanic was a whole ship. It also created inconsistencies in later books that the Titanic was broken in four which is one of the flaws of Cussler. But before it was found, Dirk Pitt was already there. Raise The Titanic was the third book Cussler published.